Thursday, 7 June 2012


yesterday it was my best friend's birthday.
 the party was super duper amazing... we enjoyed ourselves a lot. we played for sometime and then saw some movies and listened to some songs. she had invited us at 7:00 pm sharp but everyone reached by 8:00pm. the cake was cut at 08:30pm .it was a big black forest yummy best friend had turned 14 now.  
we all sang the birthday song. since SONALI( the birthday girl) is shifting to another place, this was our last get-together before she shifted to her new home. we all ran after her to put cake cream on her face. it was a cake fight now. 
all of her cake was finished in this fight but we managed to eat some  pieces. then we had dinner. we listened to songs and there was a little dance too and then at 9:30pm i baded her goodbye and left for home. she is buying a webcam soon so that we can be in touch and i have her phone number too. but i know i would still miss her........

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