Wednesday, 26 September 2012


GUYS !! I'm thinking of making a comics sorta... Maybe I'll make it about fairies.. Well just to make it interesting I wanna make characters . But i want real characters... So why dont you all be the chracters of my comics... Sign up for this quiz contest and then i'll give you your characters... I will publish every episode on every Sunday... Then you could read the story imagining yourself as the characters abour whom i'll write.. So Try your luck maybe you get the lead role. To sign up for this contest --
1: Your name
2:Your fairy name(which you'd like for this story... Suggest a name maybe I accept it as a character name)
3: any fairy pic(or image url which you'd like as your pic)
4:powers or speciality
thats it I'll accepts these details as comments till 08 oct... From the sunfay after 8
Oct I'll start my story and also put some pics abt that story . I hope youll enjoy this contest. So sign up quick hurry...

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Bojo said...

Is almost like a super hero-can kick butt