Saturday, 10 March 2012


Hello my bookworm friends.. do you all like reading books and novels just like me?and do you often forget which page were you reading?

So let’s get started….
Things you’ll need:
*     Some papers (colorful or white)
*     Scissors
*     Glue
*     Pencils
*     Pens
*     Colors
*     Thread
*     Decorative elements (e.g. Beads, sparkle etc.)

*     first take a paper and cut it into small strips.(approx. 15 cm long and 6 cm wide)
*     Next draw some pictures on 
it or you could even cut cool 
pictures from a magazine and
 stick them on it.
*     You could even write some quotes or something else on it.(optional)
*     Well now your bookmark looks cool. Now attach a string to your book mark.

Decorate it with beads sparkle and whatever you like. NOTE-don’t overdo it try to keep it simple… and your book mark is complete…

Now you will not forget the page while reading. And guess what you could even gift a good book with your handmade bookmark to your mom on Mother’s Day...
So happy reading....
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Anonymous said...

nice idea... :)