Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hello… hula how r u guys? I am fine. So today there was a good-news for me in the morning… I got my admission number checked from the school office. And as I had wondered my previous number was WRONG!! I actually have a four digit number… so now I can login into my school account BUT!! There is a bigger trouble waiting for me… I have used this number for last one year and to give my fees and my exams this year too and my library card is issued with this number!! My school ID CARD has this number which I have to change… I have to talk to my class teacher about this matter. I know she would be quite angry but I don’t have a choice…… my mom said that she would talk to her after vacations but this matter still keeps me nervous all my vacation!! So today my mood was 2/10 coz… well you know why… today I saw a good movie. What was it… um I guess it was—“SEVEN DARAN: THE WAR OF PROERA ROCK”  

i am not sure that this is the same film but i think so

 I am uploading this film. If u has patience to endure the buffering PLZ watch this film. It’s awesome!! So today the morning was fun and full of tension... The electricity looks stable today. … Let’s see if the evening brings me some relief… LKJ bye…  

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