Monday, 14 May 2012


Today there is nothing much to say… today my mood was 4/10… I woke up in the morning at around 8:00 am… {Yep I know I’m lazy. J } So next I watched television for a while and then went to take a bath… I came back and wore a cool t shirt and slacks...  I had my breakfast and then started doing my holiday homework… so today there was no cable all day and no electricity in the evening... booringgg duh. Although there generator was on but still no TV, no computer… I was like …. Argggggrrrahhh!! I was like … are you kidding man??  Aaauuuuh let it be… then I was still completing my holiday homework… finally the electricity came at around 7:30 pm. Then my granny switched on television. Well the programs were pretty pretty pretty BORING L ! So I switched to write and save my blog post which I would be posting… today I had a little conversation with my school buddy DISHA( well it was not a little but a 30 mins long conversation he he he) we discussed about the PT meeting and school projects etc…. so that’s how my day went PRETTY BORING.  And more boring because I DON’T GET YOUR COMMENTS!! Ahuh plz guys comment on any post and let me know how can I improve my posts... thanks that is all for today…  SEE YA GUYS!!

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